Emergency eyewash


  • The path from the hazard to the Eyewash or Eye/Face wash shall be free of obstructions and tripping hazards.
  • Eyewash station shall flush both eyes simultaneously within gauge guidelines (Eyewash gauge detailed in ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014) (Section 5.1.8).
  • Eye or Eye/Face wash shall provide a controlled flow of water that is non-injurious to the user (Section 5.1.1).
  • Nozzles and flushing fluid shall be protected from airborne contaminants (dust covers), and shall not require a separate motion by the operator when activating the equipment (section 5.1.3).
  • Eyewashes must deliver 0.4 gpm for 15 minutes, Eye/Face washes must provide 3 gpm for 15 minutes.
  • The top of the Eye or Eye/Face wash water flow must not fall below 33″ (83.8 cm) and can be no higher than 53″ (134.6 cm) from the floor surface floor the user is standing on (Section 5.4.4).
  • The head or heads of the Eyewash or Eye/Face wash must be 6″ (15.3 cm) away from any obstructions (Section 5.4.4).
  • The valve must allow for 1 second operation and the valve shall remain open without the use of the operator’s hands until intentionally closed. (Section 5.1.4, 5.2).
  • Manual or automatic actuators shall be easy to locate and readily accessible to the user (Section 5.2).
  • Water temperature of Eye or Eye/Face wash station should be within 60 °F – 100 °F (16 °C – 38 °C).
  • Eye or Eye/Face wash stations should have highly visible and well lit signage.
  • Operation
    The valve actuator is large enough to be easily located and operated by the user even when wearing protective gloves.
  • Valve
    The valve can be opened in a single operation. In addition, the valve can be fully opened within 1 second by hand. The valve won’t close automatically once it has been opened.
  • Water pressure
    The equipment is able to operate with a water pressure of 0.5 ~ 5 kg/cm2.
  • Sprayheads with protective covers
  • Copper alloy shower head
  • Made in Taiwan


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