Radiopharmacy Shielded Safety Cabinet



Radiopharmaceutical preparing and operation.


  • Comply with USP797 guideline
  • Air Flow: 70% recirculated / 30% exhausted design.
  • Working Area Cleanliness: Class 100 (ISO 5).
  • Cabinet Main Construction: Stainless steel #304 working area.
  • Dual wall stainless steel #304 construction. Working area surrounded with negative pressure plenums for maximum safety.
  • 55 mm sliding lead glass window barrier in front of W515*H313 mm.
  • Ergonomic 10 degree angle window design, reduces discomfort over long-term use of limbs and eye-strain.
  • Supply/Exhaust HEPA Filter: 99.99% efficiency for particle size at 0.3 micron (Class H14).
  • Patent design for the fixation of HEPA filters.
  • Removable single-piece work tray can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Safety Interlock: UV lamp interlocked with the window, fluorescent light and blower.
  • Window Alarm: When the window is not at the operation height of 20 cm, it will release an audible and visual alarm automatically.
  • Energy-saving ECM DC motor.


Detailed Specifications

Cabinet TypeAHA-120 Series
Air Flow70% recirculated / 30% exhausted
Working Area CleanlinessClass 100 (ISO 5)
External Dimensions W*D*H1200*923*2290 mm
Internal Dimensions W*D*H1015*587*637 mm
Cabinet Main ConstructionSUS#304 stainless steel (Option: SUS#316)
Shielding Lead Sheet10mm (Option: 5mm and 20mm)
Shielding Lead Glass 40 mm, 55mm
Window Operation Height20cm
Ave. Inflow Velocity0.51m/s
Ave. Laminar Downflow Velocity0.32m/s
Supply/Exhaust HEPA Filter99.99% @0.3 micron (Class H14)
Sound Level< 65 dBA
UV Lamp254 nm / FL 30W
Fluorescent LampT5 / 21W
Window Glass6mm tempered glass
Electrical OutletsNorth America (UL Listed), Europe / Worldwide (CE Certified)
Optional Accessories● IV bar with 6 hooks
● Service valves (air, gas, vacuum), CSA Certified
● Exhaust canopy
Room Height Suggested250cm at least
Power Consumption115V,60Hz,10A,420 W
230V,50Hz,7A,420 W
Net Weight, kg900 kg
Shipping Weight, kg950 kg
Shipping Dimensions W*D*H 1500*1050*1900 mm (for cabinet), 1500*1050*700 mm (for support stand)