NSF Certified & EN 12469 Compliance Certified




  1.  Double-wall cabinet structures. Contaminated area surrounded with negative pressure to fully prevent leakage of contaminated air.
  2. Innovative surrounded air intake grill design. All contaminated air in the work area is enclosed inside the cabinet. No safety dead end; the safety of personnel is never compromised.
  3. The ECM brushless DC motor Best Energy efficiency
  4. Supply/Exhaust HEPA filter 99.99% efficiency @0.3 micron (Class H14)
  5. Ergonomic 10 degree angle window design, reduces discomfort over long-term use of limbs and eye-strain.
  6. 6mm anti-ultraviolet tempered glass.
  7. 10 performance & safety tests before leaving the factory under strict quality control process.