Model No. AAC-148-AA-A

Multi-connection Zebra Fish Housing System

  • Dimensions:W4140*D850*H2150 mm
  • Holding 4 racks ( double-side rack x 2 )
  • Suitable for mass breeding.
  • Extra large water tank design, able to maintain a stable water quality.
  • A BY PASS design in the piping system can be used to replace the filtration materials during the operation without affecting the system’s running.
  • LCD touch screen interface: light control, heater, water quality monitoring, timer, water level alarm.
  • Alarm warning for abnormal water quality.
  • Customized installation is available.

The panel is incorporated with the operating switches for water pump, air pump, heater, UV lamp, illumination, manual / auto switchover system and the indications relevant to water quality for temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, flow rate and water change frequency.

An independent water inlet valve is mounted to every layer of rack and each fish tank

  • Control unit rack: Aluminum alloy frame with anti-corrosion board.
  • Alarm: When system abnormal situation occurs, it will release an audible and visual alarm automatically. The alarm will stop automatically until the abnormal situation has been settled.
  • The canister for activated carbon and filter bag is made of polypropylene with fast opening lid design and pressure gage. The rated pressure is 7kg/cmˆ2 (100PSI), the lid can be open at anytime and the filter can be replaced quickly without any tools.
  • UV sterilizer: Made of high-grade PVC (UPVC) material. UV lamp can be replaced without switching off the system.
  • Water pump: Submersible pump with low power consumption, high efficiency, suitable for long-term use.
  • Low water level alarm: When the water is below the setting level, it will release an audible and visual alarm automatically, and stop water pump and heater running.