Stand Alone Zebra Fish Housing System

Suitable for laboratory scale application.

Able to undertake quarantine, breeding and reproducting.

Equipped with well-prepared and stand-alone circulation & filtration system.

Rack material: stainless steel #316.

All filters can be changed without turning off the system.

An independent water inlet valve is mounted to every layer of rack and each fish tank.

Water changing rate: 5-10 times / hour.

Optional devices: pH meter, illumination, DO ( dissolved oxygen ) meter, conductivity meter.

Custom-made system is available.





Model No.DescriptionsDimensions
AAA-037-AA-A5 shelf, single-side
( 10L*12 tanks, 3L*24 tanks, 1.5L*20 tanks )
1758*535*2143 mm
AAA-050-AA-A5 shelf, single-side
( 10L*30 tanks )
1758*535*2453 mm
AAB-074-AA-A5 shelf, double-side
( 10L*24 tanks, 3L*48 tanks, 1.5L*40 tanks )
1758*850*2143 mm
AAB-100-AA-A5 shelf, double-side
( 10L*60 tanks )
1758*850*2353 mm